I’ve been using your honey for years. Love the flavor. Last week I purchased several lip balms, and I’ve been using the Rosemary and Lemon. I love it! My lips are so soft and smooth! I’ll be back for more!
Debbie Fenderson

Just tried your honey for the first time on my crostinis and the honey is amazing. Best honey I have ever tasted. The right flavor went so well. Will definitely e buying larger jars next time and using it on all my dishes that have honey in them.
Eve Delgado

Just bought a jar of the Cinnamon Honey from the HEB in Killeen. OMG! It is soo good! They were sold out of the small jars of your regular honey, so naturally I had to get the largest.
Anne Banks

I have been an allergy sufferer most of my life! I decided to give the raw honey and cinnamon a try to help ease my symptoms and let me just say that I am completely sold and impressed. It hasn’t been a full week since I started using it and I am feeling so much better! It’s great to be able to breathe through my nose again! Thank you so much for your helpful info and your great products!!
Janet Barrett Tobin

Really good honey! And there seems to always be a special running for discounts.
Jenny Walters Nield