Why are there bees in my bush/tree? How do I make them leave?

In the Spring and Fall the bees begin looking for food at the early food sources. This will often be the early and late blooming bushes and trees. The bees are not there to harm you or your loved ones; they are simply there to gather food to feed themselves, the larvae, and most of the hard working Queen Bee!

How do you make them leave? This is not an easy question to answer unless you are willing to cut down your tree/bush to prevent the bees from returning year after year. There is truly no spray to place on the tree/bush that will make them stop coming to find food as they travel up to five miles to locate the nectar.

How long do Honey Bees Live?

The lifespan of the worker honey bee, those that you see flying and pollinating the flowers, is an average of five to seven weeks. The drone bees (males) have a single purpose in life and that is go on a mating flight. They leave the hive to mate with a queen bee and perish shortly after. If they do not go on a mating flight they will be ejected from the hive in the winter and perish from starvation. The queen bee has the longest life span of two to three years.

How many eggs does the Queen lay in her lifetime?

The queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs in a single when she is prime laying condition. Over the course of her lifetime this would mean that she could lay up to 2.2 million eggs! That is a lot of bees!

What determines the lifespan of each caste of bee?

There are several factors that change the lifespan of the bee. The first factor that changes the lifespan of the queen bee is her diet. She is fed a diet that consists solely of royal jelly while the worker bees depend on the pollen and honey for food. The worker bees also WORK non-stop and fly up to 5 miles away from the hive everyday in search of pollen and nectar to supply food for the hive. The queen stays in the hive to lay eggs and is well cared for by the workers.

What is royal jelly?

Royal jelly is a secretion that is made by glands on the head of the worker bees. Royal Jelly is secreted to feed the pupae for the first three days of their life, the queen for her entire life, and to feed the special queen pupae. If a pupae is going to be developed into a queen bee as the current queen becomes old or week the workers will begin to feed special egg cells a continuous diet of royal jelly. Those cells will hatch as a queen bee.​

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